My votes are in


Come the end of the year, there is a plethora of lists popping up – greatest sporting moments of the year, Triple J’s hottest 100, and biggest dickheads of the year (keep fighting the good fight, Biebs).

Australian beer is no different with Crafty Pint and The Local Taphouse getting together once again for the Hottest 100. The premise is simple – each member of the beer drinking public get to vote for their five favourite beers of the year, and it’s counted down, 100 to 1, on Australia Day.

This year, I decided to put in place some criteria which will guide my voting:

  1. I have to have given the beer a rating of at least four and a quarter stars on UnTapped
  2. I’m only including beers which I’ve consumed in the 2015 calendar year, so that awesome beer I had in 2014 doesn’t qualify
  3. No festival beers (unless consumed at another point in time)

Using these as a guide, gives me a shortlist of 18 beers, which is obviously too long, so after many hours of tossing and turning (read: 10 minutes having a think about it), my five votes, in no specific order, are:

  • Feral Brewing Company – Hop Hog: great balance and a big fruity aroma make this my favourite beer
  • Feral Brewing Company – Karma Citra: All my Christmas’s came at once when Feral announced it would be released in bottle form this year. Big flavours and aromas, top stuff
  • Exit Brewing – #007: I was uber impressed with this beer. A great smokiness and mouthfeel made this an awesome winter beer
  • Shenanigans Brewing Company – Red Sky: I love everything these guys have produced, but this is my pick. An easy-drinking, lightly spiced beer
  • Nail Brewing – Flaming Lamington: Insanely creative, there’s coconut sweetness and chilli in this drop. Wouldn’t be something I could drink all the time, but gets a guernsey on it creativity and execution

And some fearless predictions for what I think will pop up in the countdown:

  • Pirate Life Brewing will get at least two beers in. No mean feat when they only have three beers in their catalogue
  • Exit Brewing will get at least three beers in
  • Mountain Goat will wrongly suffer as a result of selling their business to Asahi earlier this year
  • Milk and Two Sugars, winner of the people’s choice award at GABS, will get¬†a¬†start
My votes are in

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