Mornington Peninsula – Brown Ale


There’s not been much movement on the blog front recently, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s not been movement on the beer front from this correspondent, as being the recipient of a beer advent calendar has ensured a steady supply of liquid gold. The warmer (and in Sydney’s case, incredibly humid) temperatures has also helped ensure all beer has been consumed with some vigor.

Day number 10 has mornington brownarrived and it’s and curve ball
from the makers of my advent calendar, Boozebud. A doozy if you will. Mornington Peninsula Brewery’s Brown Ale, a beer more at home in cooler months, but a welcome change in the context of a month’s worth of beers.

Pouring dark brown with a tanned head, some slight scents of toasted malts and wood waft up from the liquid. In the mouth, this is a tremendous beer. It’s oily, nutty, and toasted flavours get washed down by the sweet flavour, with a small bitterness lingering somewhere in the back too. It’s silky smooth in the mouth too, making it go down very easily – an easy drinking winter beer if ever I’ve stumbled across one!

This is a really good drop, from a brewery I have a lot of time for, but don’t tend to purchase too often. It’s just a greatly balanced, well-flavoured brown ale – nothing more nothing less. I’d be more than happy to go back to this again at some point in the future, but maybe next time with the onset of winter and a beef goulash in front of me…now there would be an awesome combination!

Drunk: from the bottle

Mornington Peninsula – Brown Ale

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