The Little Brewing Company – Stab in the Dark

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”. These words rung through every primary aged child’s ears when deciding between the shit-hot, newly laminated book against the 1980s book with musky pages, falling to pieces at the spine. That same phrase can apply here. Stab in the Dark, another of the GABS beers released into the broader market, is adorned with a label of artistic quality. But have makers, The Little Brewing Company, filled the bottle with quality, or is this one a dud?


There’s not much going on aroma wise – some pine and dried fruits are more or less the only thing emanating from a delectable looking drink, which is black with a foamy brown head. In the mouth, it’s smooth, with chocolate, raisins, roasted malts and a hint of coffee, which only get better as it warms. The only downer is the alcohol flavour, which is big and beefy, but too strong for the other flavours and goes over the top of them.

The Little Brewing Co have produced a great winter beer. It’s dark, boozy, and tastes really good, pretty much everything I’m after. I was admittedly a little sceptical at the start, but as this beer warmed it improved out of sight. The chocolate is brilliant, but an improvement could be to maybe tone the ABV down a fraction. The booze overwhelms the other flavours for mine,

Drunk: from the bottle

The Little Brewing Company – Stab in the Dark

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