Nail Brewing – Flaming Lamington

flaming lamington

One good thing about GABS (as though a massive beer festival is not enough), is that a whole raft of new beers are brought onto the market shortly after the festival, trying to keep up with the ever-changing wants of beer drinkers. Flaming Lamington, from Nail Brewing in WA, is one of said beers. I didn’t have the opportunity to try it at GABS, instead opting for some of the 100+ other beers at the event, but it’s taken a place in their limited release Brew Log Collection, so perhaps a hint towards something special.

And special it is. It looks innocent enough, black as the night with a tanned head, leading to the impression that this is “just another stout”. But it’s not just any old stout. The nose gives some indication, with aromas of coffee and a hint of chilli. Chocolate is the main flavour in the mouth, along with a hint of vanilla, some coffee, and roasted flavours, but the chilli! It settles nicely on the tongue, not over-bearing, and warms the throat on the way down. Importantly, it doesn’t kill the other flavours, instead complementing them and keeping the beer smooth to drink, if not all that sessionable.

This is some funky beer! It’s as though you’re being hand-passed from one flavour to the next – first I was thinking coffee, then chocolate, then chilli, and oooooohhhhh, a hint of vanilla too! Surprisingly, it manages to work. None of the flavours outweighs the other, all managing to sit well and play along nicely. Whilst there’s no coconut flavours which I was half expecting, the vanilla takes it place with comfort, and manages to nullify the chilli to just the right heat. If you see this swinging about in the bottle shop, grab it – Nail Brewing are onto a decent tipple with this one.

Drunk: from the bottle

Nail Brewing – Flaming Lamington

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