Two Birds Brewing – Taco

taco two birdsI thoroughly enjoyed my month long trip to Mexico. The beer wasn’t the best, but the weather was awesome, there was loads of activities to do, and the food was killer. And what food do you associate with Mexico…tacos. Lots of them. So that’s what we ate on a frequent basis. One of my favourite meals of the whole trip was from¬†a dodgy looking cafe which served up delicious fish tacos at a more than attractive price. So what have Two Birds Brewing gone and done? Tried to replicate the taco flavour in a beer, an ambitious venture if I’ve ever seen one.

Taco pours a straw yellow colour, with a thin white head and streams of carbonation shooting¬†up from the bottom of the glass. Aromas are superb – wheat, citrus, and floral aromas rise from the liquid, before moving into a well-balanced taste. There’s a sweet taste to start with, before moving in light spiciness, something floury, before a lime citrus flavour kicks through. There’s a bit of carbonation in mouth which gives the beer that light flavoured summer vibe.

Such¬†is the diverse nature of the flavours, it’s nigh on impossible to get the whole taco taste in a beer, but Two Birds have gone very close to delivering this very¬†ambitious combination.¬†I’m not sure what they put in the mix, as there was a shed-load of sediment (more than other beers), but it made the beer tick in a big way. It’s a¬†flavoursome, light and refreshing brew which has summer written all over it – I can’t wait for summer to actually come round again so I can savour it under some warmer conditions.

Drunk: from the bottle

Two Birds Brewing – Taco

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