Exit Brewing – #007 Smoked Stout

exit smoked stoutThey’re only new to the game, but Exit Brewing won’t be making an exit any time soon. I tried there amber ale a few weeks back, and was blown away by the flavours which were oozing out of the bottle. I’d previously tried #007 out which was out of the hand pump, so I thought I’d give it a crack out of the bottle.

It poors a jet black, with a light brown head. It’s thick as anything, with absolutely no light shining through the liquid. Smoke and chocolate scents are strong out of the glass, with some nut and wheat aromas trailing behind. In the mouth it’s sensational, with smoked flavours almost giving off a bacon impression. Chocolate sweetness also comes through especially as it warms, lingering in the mouth for a long while afterwards along with a medium bitterness. What helps this beer is that it’s so thick and velvety in the mouth, which helps the flavour hang around as it warms.

I can’t provide any James Bond references for this, but Exit Brewing have nailed the stout style. Hit the target if you will. It is a good and proper winter warmer of a beer, with flavours which linger long after you swallow. I think I’ll have to go and source some more Exit Brewing stuff, as that’s two from two awesome beers for me.

Drunk: from the bottle

Exit Brewing – #007 Smoked Stout

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