Red Hill Brewery – The Bloody Plums Farmhouse Saison

Summer fruits are the best, and I would challenge anyone to argue against me on that. red hill plumsCherries, nectarines, peaches, grapes, you name it – they’re all superb fruits. Plums also fall into the summer fruit category. They’re not up there on my list (cherries reign supreme), but they’re a good fruit nonetheless.

The Bloody Plums poors a cloudy orange with a white head. Boozy, white wine, plums and spice aromas lift up from the liquid. On the tongue, spice, apple tartness, white wine and wood flavours come through, along with a light bitterness which compliments the flavours. There’s good complexity to the flavours, but not so much complexity so as to provide a relatively simple combination of flavours.

As an anniversary beer, Red Hill have done a great job with this one to commemorate ten years of brewing goodness. I was only able to pickup the inclusion of plums on the nose, but that didn’t dampen the fact that this was a saison which aligned very well to style. And a boozy saison at that, which reached the upper echelons of my noggin and gave it a good shake having consumed it quicker than what is probably recommended.

Drunk: from the bottle

Red Hill Brewery – The Bloody Plums Farmhouse Saison

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