Ballast Point Brewing Co – Sculpin


Americans on Untapped rave about this one, saying (quite frequently) that it’s one of the best. So when the opportunity arose, I made a bee-line for Sculpin in the bottleshop. My first initial Ballast Point beer was a success – and this one more than matched its level of quality.

The first thing I noticed about Sculpin was the aromas – they were huge out of the bottle! Orange and pineapple to pick two, driven by the hop-forward mantra of American west coast beers. The hops were also prevalent on the palate as is to be expected from an American IPA. After overcoming the wave of bitterness, tropical, and pine came together to deliver a well-balanced taste. There was also some boozy undertones to the flavour, which capped off an awesome drink, that not only tasted and smelt delicious, but looked tops too – bright orange with a fluffy white head.

This is a fabulous drink. For something tipping the scales at 7% ABV and is massively bitter, it’s very well balanced and surprisingly refreshing. Thankfully, it survived the trip across the Pacific with aplomb, as this beer was still in good nick. Must’ve been the mountain of hops retaining the flavour.

Drunk: from the bottle

Ballast Point Brewing Co – Sculpin

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