Brewdog – Fake Lager

Fake LagerI can’t quite work out the reason for using the Fake Lager name for this year. Perhaps it may have something to do with pilsners living in the shadow of their lager counterparts, which could qualify as an offence to a style which can more than hold its own. What Brewdog have done, however, is create a very good pilsner.

Aromas are never massive for a pilsner, and this is no different, with some bready scents being backed up by an ever-so-slight citrus scent arising from a light orange liquid. Wood malts dominate in the mouth, but those citrus flavours return to give a nice undertone, with a medium bitterness washing it all down. There was somewhat of a metallic tang to it which was disappointing, but I guess everyone can be excused for being a little rusty after travelling across to the other side of the globe.

I haven’t reviewed many pilsners on here. That said, I have tasted loads before, predominantly in Europe where it is a popular style for the larger breweries. Fake Lager is certainly up there with the best of them. They’ve delivered a really decent palatte cleansing drop, exactly what I’m looking for in a pilsner.

Drunk: from the bottle

Brewdog – Fake Lager

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