8 Wired Brewing Co – ReWired Brown Ale

Rewired1It was a picture perfect Sunday afternoon in Sydney town. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and all the chores on my list were complete. It was the perfect scenario to sit down with a tasty beer, one that would kick off the evening festivities. Little did I know, but in 8 Wired Brewing Co’s ReWired Brown Ale, I’d selected a perfect beer to match the occasion.

ReWired poured a dark mahogany colour, with a puffy white head. Dank scents of raisins, cherries, red wine and chocolate rise up from the liquid, giving a hint to the smorgasbord of flavours which lay in wait in the liquid. And what a smorgasbord it was. Boozy flavours (only 5.7%, but tasted much stronger), red wine, resin hops, toastiness and sweet malts rewired 2combined together to deliver an incredibly rich tasting beer. It was smooth in the mouth, exactly what I’m after in a brown ale, and which helped to cap off a truly awesome brew.

A quick check of their website shows that this has been retired, which is a crying shame because this is easily in my top 10 beers. The beer is jam-packed with flavours which are massive and complex, and it goes down so easily. With more than a lean in to the red ale style, this is not a stereotypical brown ale, but it hits the spot in marvellous fashion (it would do this even better if accompanying a beef casserole). It’s not often that I tip my hat to our kiwi neighbours (they’ve go the wood on us in rugby and league, so can’t give them too much extra credit), but it’s impossible not to when such a great drop is produced.

Drunk: from the bottle

8 Wired Brewing Co – ReWired Brown Ale

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