Bridge Road Brewers – The Harvest (2014)

Bridge Road Brewers have an enviable reputation for producing some great beers – Bling Bling and their pale ale are two I’ve tried and neither have let me down. My third venture down the Bridge Road path is their 2014 Harvest Ale, which uses hops which “are unique to the garden’s research block and have never before been used commercially in a beer”. I guess this could go either way…

Harvest ale 2014

Harvest ale pours¬†a slightly cloudy straw yellow, with an abundance of carbonation racing up the sides of the glass to a head which is in no hurry to hang around. The aromas are brilliantly –¬†grapefruit, orange and wheaty scents came¬†together to greet the nostrils in a fantastic, balanced fashion. Unfortunately, the taste didn’t quite live up to the aromas. There was potential there but it was only slight – citrus, wheat and leafy flavours spring to mind. The other inhibitor was that this was overly carbonated – there was so much it was dancing around on the tongue in a big way!

Overall, this is not a too shabby drop, but not one I’ll rave on about. It reminded me of a citrus wheat beer the way the aromas and lighter flavours combine. Light flavours lead it to it be an easy drinker, and certainly one to file as a¬†summer smashable.

Drunk: from the bottle

Bridge Road Brewers – The Harvest (2014)

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