New Englander – Farmhouse Ale

New Englander have started popping up in bottle shops in the last six months, the big 640ml long necks dwarfing most other bottles in the fridges. Simple, pastel coloured labels emblazoned with a winged sheep (perhaps a tip of the hat to the New England area they call home) also help draw the eye and give the impression of an honest beer producer. My first New Englander foray was their pale ale which was a tasty number, giving me some confidence when selecting their Farmhouse Ale.

A cloudy amber liquid with a thick white head pours into the glass, before the nose dive into a world of wacky saison scents and tastes. Grape, apple, citrus and wood scents rose up from the glass in a nicely balanced fashion. An apple and lemon combo was my first impression entering the mouth before some tartness, wood, and spice shone through. There’s nothing too overpowering to it, matched by the medium bitterness which prevailed.

Hard to take marks away from this beer, as it makes a perfect intro saison for someone new to the style (like myself). It’s not beaming with flavours and scents out of the glass, but there’s certainly enough substance and complexity there to interest even the most cultured of saison drinkers.

Drunk: from the bottle

new englander farmhouse

New Englander – Farmhouse Ale

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