Holgate Brewhouse – Temptress

I’ve been suitably impressed with all Holgate beers I’ve tried in the past. Temptress is no different, but having tried it as part of a paddle and at a beer festival previously, now was my opportunity to put it under the microscope and give it a proper grilling. Would it hold up to my rigorous* testing?

Temptress pours a dark brown liquid with light brown bubbles at the surface. Nothing too dramatic emerges from the aromas, but the slight chocolate and nut scents give a nod to Temptresswhat’s to come. A flavour which is big on the malts greets the mouth (unsurprisingly given they’ve packed in seven different types), chocolate leading the smooth way which only it knows how, with some grain playing the supporting act. It’s a little watery, and with a bit more thickness this could lead to it being liquid chocolate – but I’m nit-picking, as it’s approaching winter and the perfect tipple to match a cool, overcast day.

To be honest, Temptress is not as good as I remember it to be, perhaps as a result of inflated expectations set too high on my behalf. But while it may not have reached my expectations this time round, Holgate have still produced a great drop that’s very decent. It oozes smooth, malty chocolate goodness, perfect as a pairing with a chocolate or vanilla flavoured dessert (I think, I don’t get close to qualifying as a foodie).

Drunk: from the bottle

* Rigorous is a subjective term. My version of rigorous would probably not stand up to a scientist’s definition

Holgate Brewhouse – Temptress

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