Los Muertos Brewing – Revenge

los muertos 2

los muertos 1Set amongst the streets of the old town, a couple of blocks from the edge of the water in Puerto Vallarta on Mexico’s west coast, lives Los Muertos Brewing. A brewpub by name, they sell the beer to their patrons pretty much fresh from vats, which live directly behind the bar. We headed there with the added bonus of it being happy hour, and paid the princely sum of 25 pesos for a pint of the IPA, named Revenge ($2 Australian). If all beer wlos muertos 4as priced this way, my bank balance would be a much more pleasant sight.

Pouring a dark amber colour, Revenge was cloudy with minimal carbonation. Citrus and pineapple aromas rose from the glass indicated that this was a hoppy beer, and the flavour matched – it had a massive hop bitterness! The hops really drove through, delivering citrus and pine flavours, but the bitterness was something else.

This was the freshest beer I’d tasted in the whole of Mexico, where light tasting beers rule. And despite it being so bitter, it was a cracker. The fruity notes gave it enough subtlety that the bitterness didn’t hit too hard, and made it more drinkable than the bitterness suggested. Certainly not one for an afternoon on the cans, but a great beer to get things kicked off (and at 6.5% ABV, it certainly could be a party starter!).

Drunk: off tap

Los Muertos Brewing – Revenge

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