Killer Sprocket – Bandit

Killer sprocket peatedThe heart got pumping with this beer, and that’s not because it was so different – it partly exploded on me when I cracked it open, so I had to act quick to ensure none went to waste and tidy up. Once I (and the beer) had settled down, Bandit was an interesting experience…

With some more knowledge of whiskies, I could’ve had a much better idea where this beer was headed. A Google search tells me it’s a type of malt which is used in whiskies. Some further research tells me it’s a smoked flavour – exactly what I got out of this beer. It pours a murky amber with a little head – nothing distinguishable to report there. But it all goes very different from there. Bacon, smoke, nuts and citrus aromas rise up from out of the glass, not a combination I’d normally expect from a pale ale. This remains consistent in the mouth, with bacon bursting through like the school yard bully to dominate the palate, and a little citrus coming in behind it.

I’m not sure if I love or hate this beer. Pale ales are my favourite – I love that early burst of the hops, but this is just so different. I love what they’ve done with the malts, it certainly brings a funky element to the beer. But Sydney-town threw up huge humidity levels today, and I really wanted to get that refreshing feeling I get from nearly all pale ales, which I didn’t quite get from this beer. Would I get it again? Yeah, why not – over a warm ham in winter time. I think that would be perfect.

Drunk: from the bottle

Killer Sprocket – Bandit

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