Red Duck – Amber Ale

imageI find something romantic about amber ales…maybe it’s that reliable malt flavour that seems to characterise them? I have no idea, and it doesn’t really matter, but I just find them dam romantic. Onwards and upwards to Red Duck’s Amber Ale it was then, a post-work beverage to cure the mid-week blues. I wasn’t all that impressed with my only previous foray into Red Duck’s beers, so approached this one with a small amount of scepticism.

Pouring cloudy amber in colour with a white head and a heap of carbonation running up the sides of the glass, it gave off some sweet aromas of orange and pine. Pine, grass, a fine malt backbone and some light bitterness came through in the mouth, all of which complemented and flowed into each other really well. It was a fraction watery in the mouth (I’d prefer ambers to have a bit more body than this did), but it’s only a slight criticism of the drop.

It didn’t quite provide that warm, romantic feeling that I was hoping for, but this beer is refreshing. It has smooth flavours all throughout and removed any previous scepticism I had for Red Duck as a brewery.

Drunk: from the bottle

Red Duck – Amber Ale

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