Brewcult – Get Down American Brown

It’s Monday night, which is pretty much the most depressing night of the week. brewcult get downShortly followed by Sunday night. And it’s getting cooler and the sun goes down earlier. However, all is not lost – there’s BrewCult in the fridge!

Get Down American Brown (Arnie’s line keeps repeating in my head the whole time I’m drinking this beer) tips the scales at 5.8% ABV and 62 IBUs, so it sits just north of middle of the approachability road. Scents are big and beefy – tropical and pine remind me that this is going to be another uber hoppy experience I’ve come to expect from Brewcult. But as I explored a little further some roasted nut scents are trying their darnedest to break through. The taste is true to the aromas, pine needles, grapefruit, and spice the predominant flavours, with some roasted nuts also (especially as it warms). It’s the hoppy experience I’ve come to expect from Brewcult, who certainly know how to push the envelope in styles with their beers.

Get Down is a delight. It’s a brilliant example of the style, and also a happy medium in the lead-up to dark beer season – some IPA characteristics lingering over from summer, and the brown ale style coming into winter. My only criticism of the beer (I’ve found that this is common of all Brewcult drops) is that it’s over-carbonated, meaning it’s small exercise in precision pouring to ensure the froth doesn’t overflow from the glass.

Drunk: from the bottle

Brewcult – Get Down American Brown

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