Batch Brewing Co – Waldorf Nitrogen Amber

Batch nitro amber

There’s certainly a fraction more class to Batch Brewing Co’s headquarters than there was previously. I say only a fraction as it retains the hipster vibe – beer served by the jar, and a mis-match of couches for patrons to sit on. They’ve also added a big wooden board to advertise there beers on tap, and merchandise for sale, a sign of the progress they’ve made over the past nine months since I’ve been there (note to self – must go there more often. Good beer and a friendly atmosphere).

I decided to try their Waldorf Nitrogen Amber, as the nitrogen offered me something different. It was a good choice, but I wasn’t entirely convinced by it. As expected, it poured very creamy, a thick white head leading to a dark amber coloured liquid. I picked up some slight toffee scents in the nostrils, but nothing all that strong. Likewise the taste – toffee but not overpowering, with a hint of tropical flavours coming through at the end. It was oh so smooth and silky in the mouth, making it an incredibly easy drinking beer.

It won’t go down as my favourite beer, but it’s easy drinking, even though in the height of summer it wasn’t my best choice (that and the big fan trying to cool the shed was not not cutting the mustard). I also tried the non-nitrogen version of this beer when I was there, which received two thumbs up from me as a pretty solid example of the amber style.

Drunk: off tap


Batch Brewing Co – Waldorf Nitrogen Amber

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