Rogue Ales – Mocha Porter

Mocha is my coffee of choice (though tea over coffee most days of the week), much to the chagrin of barristas everywhere – I’ve heard they don’t put as much care into the coffee when they know they’re just going to squirt some chocolate syrup in with it. I’d therefore like to think I’m something of an “authority” when it comes to something such as a Mocha Porter, brought to our fair shores by Rogue Ales.Rogue mocha porter

First thing’s first – this beer is better with some warmth. I let it sit for a few minutes out of the fridge, but that wasn’t enough as the flavours and aromas weren’t particularly strong at that point. Come halfway through the beer though, and after losing some of its fridge-instilled chill, the flavours start to sing out of the dark brown liquid. Nuts and coffee on the nose, before some coffee flavours and a big malt sweetness – it was like I was chewing the grain. It’s lightly carbonated which makes the beer not feel too thick or heavy in the mouth.

Overall, this is not a bad drop. I was expecting to get a bit more chocolate out of it than I did (which was nothing), but the coffee came through really well. I’d more than happily give this another crack, but would have to let it warm more than this time around – out of the the hand-pump would be perfect!

Drunk from: the bottle

Rogue Ales – Mocha Porter

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