Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe – X One

On Clarence Street in the Sydney CBD lives Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe. It’s not the most likeliest of locations for a brewpub, however it’s done up traditionally and has European style seating on the front footpath, but it could do well with getting rid of the more formal dining setting to make more of a boozing area. Either way it’s got a relaxed vibe that betrays the bustle of hundreds of buses which are go by outside in the middle of peak hour.

I was pining for a bitter/English style ale, and was pointed in the direction of the X-One by the bartender when neither of my first two choices were available. It poured amber and a little cloudy, and had a head which disappeared in a hurry. I was unable to pick-up any strong aromas, but malt sweetness was the first flavour which caught my attention. Some pine and tropical flavours also came through, which had me wondering if the bartender had pulled the correct tap – this to me was leaning more in the pale ale direction, backed up by a more watery feeling in the mouth.

This goes in the “solid, without setting the world on fire” basket. Some decent flavours but it lacks the roundness of the beer experience provided by the non-existent aromas and watery mouth feel. It’s still a nice tasting beer, but I think it’s a fraction confused as to which style it actually is – there’s a strong argument that it could be a pale ale. This beer was a bit of a let-down but I’ll certainly be going back to the beer cafe. There seems to be enough of a changing beer list described on the blackboard that I should be spoilt for choice in the future.

Drunk: off tap

redoak X-one

Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe – X One

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