La Sirene – Saison

La sirene bottleWhat a stunner this bottle is! It’s like those one glass wine bottles you get on planes, only it’s a fraction bigger and a dam sight more classy. It’s even got the divot in the base of the bottle which waiters at posh restaurants hold when they pour you another glass. And the artwork – someone’s put some serious time and effort to conjure up a stained glass vibe to a robed female sitting on a rock. This is all very well and good, but can the beer back up the elegant first impressions the bottle provides?

Cider-esque is the term that springs to mind with this beer. Aromas of apple, lemon, grapes, and wood waft off a cloudy, golden straw coloured liquid, which retains its head all the way down. Apple tartness is the predominant flavour, along with some pepper spiciness, a wee bit of oak at the back of the mouth, and some medium bitterness. In spite of these strong flavours, it remains fairly light in the mouth as a result of a high amount of carbonation.

La Sirene (French for “the siren” for the linguists) has done a nice job with their Saison, although you would expect them to given they only produce variants of the style. The tart flavours really come through to make a delicious brew, and whilst it may be similar to a cider in its make-up, the tartness may be too much for lighter cider drinkers.

Drunk: from the bottle

la sirene saison

La Sirene – Saison

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