Two Birds Brewing – Sunset Ale

Two Birds Brewing have had a crack at misleading the consumer with this little brew. Sunset Ale stirs emotions of watching the waves rolling in off the west coast while cradling a light, sessionable golden ale at the end of a hot summer’s day. Instead, they’ve put the label on a red ale – not the style of beer I’d associate with the name, though probably should have copped the hint with the colour of the label…

Sunset Ale pours a cloudy, dark amber colour which almost nudges brown, with a light off-white head. There’s some caramel and pine scents leading the way, with a subtle hint of passion fruit backing them up. The caramel sweetness comes out really nicely in the mouth as well as the pine, with some light bitterness finishing up. I also detected a hint of toasted flavours, most probably given off by the malt, which combined well with the other flavours.

A really good beer overall, which balances the flavours and aromas without overwhelming the consumer. There’s enough substance there to attract the more cultured of drinkers, but not meaty enough to put off those new to the red ale style of beer. I would easily choose this over the Golden Ale, the other of their beers which I’ve been able to savour.

Drunk from: the bottle

two birds sunset ale

Two Birds Brewing – Sunset Ale

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