Riverside Brewing Co – 77 IPA

I’ve seen the praises sung about this IPA from Parramatta. You don’t take out number 17 in Australia’s hottest 100 craft beers with a mug drop. So it caught my eye as I perused the fridges at the bottle shop, mainly due to it’s lovely crafted artwork on the label, a feature of Riverside Brewing Co’s stubbies.

Bloody hell, they were right! It’s almost fitting that there’s an elephant on the label (the trunk was raised, which brings good luck), because if there was one word to describe this beer, it would be BIG! Citrus, pine and resin scents flow out of the full-bodied, dark orange liquid. The citrus holds itself well, but it’s the resiny pine flavours which come through in a big way and linger along with some toasted wood flavours. On top off that is a massive hop bitterness which brings this high alcohol drink home, either getting you well on your way for a big session or putting you to bed.

77 IPA is a fantastic brew. One for the hop lovers, it’s great aroma and taste pair well together to serve up a delicious beer, if incredibly strong at 7.7%. It makes me wonder what its brother the 777 imperial IPA is like – an overwhelming, hopped up bitterness with an aroma which could last for days would be a safe bet.

Drunk: from the bottle

riverside 77

Riverside Brewing Co – 77 IPA

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