Shenanigans Brewing Company – Wrong Turn

This is my second crack at a Shenanigans brew, and having thoroughly enjoyed the previous one I had high hopes that this would live up to the same high standards. This one, Wrong Turn, is a “Belgian summer ale with rye and oats” and is a limited release, which they’re calling stunt beers.

It’s an attractive looking thing, with that cloudy, straw colour and some white head synonymous with Belgian beers. Wheat and citrus waft together to deliver a lovely scent before a whole raft of well-balanced flavours come to the fore – citrus, passion fruit, rye spices, and wheat, then flowing into some sweetness at the back of the mouth. It felt watery in the mouth, whereas I was expecting something a fraction thicker from the rye and oats, but this is my only (and very minor) criticism. It has a Belgian IPA vibe to me – the colour and wheaty flavours from the Belgian, and the citrus and spices from the IPA, but I can also see the Belgian summer ale in it.

To be honest, it’s not far from the standard of their Flight Path, but doesn’t quite pass it. It’s very good and has a great variety of flavours, and would be dam fine to slurp down on a hot day. Losses marks for being more watery than I expected, but still gets big kudos from me.

Drunk: from the bottle

Shenigans wrong turn 2

Shenanigans Brewing Company – Wrong Turn

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