Cavalier Brewing – Courage

“This image captures the struggle of the mythical Greek King Sisyphus, damned to push a boulder up a hill for eternity only to have it roll back down each time he reached the top” it states on the label. Greek King Sisyphus certainly deserved his cold beer at the end of each day by the sounds of things. But there is more to this metaphor¬†than meets the eye. It represents the struggle of people with Motor Neuron Disease, a cause which¬†Cavalier Brewing’s¬†Courage donates $1 from each purchase to research for a cure.

Pouring a cloudy golden colour with a bubbly head, soft aromas of citrus zest break through the grain malt scent which is typical to lagers (although they call this a blonde ale). Crisp, toasted grain flavours and some light bitters come through on the palate, although a little metallic taste comes through in the swallow which unfortunately dilutes the initial flavours. The lovely balanced flavour is backed up by how well it sits in the mouth, lovely and smooth with no over-carbonation to speak of.

I like this beer, and it takes no courage at all to consume.¬†It’s balanced, super sessionable, doesn’t have big beefy¬†flavours to overwhelm the drinker, and it’s all for a worthy cause. Now there is something I can raise a glass to!

Drunk: from the bottle

Cavalier Courage

Cavalier Brewing – Courage

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