Brewdog – IPA is Dead Amarillo

Brewdog run an ‘IPA is Dead’ series, which constitutes a series of IPA beers which only have one type of hop added to them. I’ve reviewed the Amarillo hopped IPA here, one of the four pack I picked up (the others being Comet, Kohatu, and EXP 366, out of a grand total of 13 in the series).

It pours incredibly cloudy to the point of being murky, a darker amber colour with hardly any head. Despite it being murky, it’s an attractive looking beer, and orange and grassy scents drift up and greet the nose. Some grain and grassy flavours come through, along with a subtle sweetness in the back of the mouth, and a solid but not overwhelming bitterness. It’s brilliantly smooth and thick in the mouth – the thickness really allows the flavours to linger in the mouth for a decent time afterwards.

This is quality. It’s well balanced, looks dam decent, and oozes with some lovely flavours. Definitely my pick of the four I was able to savour.

Drunk: from the bottle

Brewdog Amarillo

Brewdog – IPA is Dead Amarillo

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