Six String Brewing Co – Dark Red IPA

Six String Brewing Co only package their beer by the can (aside from kegs), in a move that predominantly goes against the way the rest of the industry packages their beer. However, studies have backed this move, showing that the quality of beer in cans is equal to that in glass, in addition to being more environmentally friendly. Heck, it might as well solve global poverty while it’s at it. I’m more of a glass man, but if the quality isn’t affected, then I see no reason not to swing to the other side.

Their Dark Red IPA faced up, with the added expectation of representing canned beer the world over. It’s not an overly strong smelling beer, especially compared to other IPAs, with some slight pine and citrus coming through. Caramel malt sweetness is the first flavour, before washing down in a resiny hop bitterness, probably a good indication of the balance of styles of this beer.

Canned beer gets a pass mark. This is a very decent beer, and I think they’ve nailed the red IPA style quite well (it nudges the red ale side a little more than IPA). It has a nice balance, but I can’t help but think that maybe the canning has somehow impacted the beer, leading it to give off lighter aromas. It is a swarve-looking can though.

Drunk: from the can


Six String Brewing Co – Dark Red IPA

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