Two Birds Brewing – Golden Ale

Change is sweeping through. No longer is beer drunk by the dozen by men, rather people are drinking less according to the media, and girls now drink beer too! Phenomenon! And no longer do men do all the brewing – women are starting to become creators of the delicious nectar, led in their charge by Two Birds Brewing, based in Melbourne.

A small collection of beers are under their lady belts, their Golden Ale came up as beer number 24 in my advent calendar (an enticing prospect, namely as a feast awaits after one more sleep).  Bright golden in colour with no head to speak of, it was certainly inviting on the eye, with aromas of lemon and honey meeting the nose. It came across more bitter than other golden ales with apricot and honey tastes before flowing through to a grainy flavour on the back of the tongue. There was also some metallic flavours in the beer which took away from the overall quality and fruity punch the hops provide.

This beer is perfect for hot weather, just a shame Mollymook on Christmas Eve decided not to dish up weather to match – overcast with periods of rain and wind, a top of 23. I’m not counting it as my favourite golden ale – it lacks a bit of the sweet and fruitiness that others have – but is very sessionable all the same.

Drunk: from the bottle

Two Birds Brewing – Golden Ale

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