Knappstein – Reserve Lager

It makes sense that wineries have a brewing arm – they’re already masters of creating one alcoholic liquid in wine, so why not try beer too? Knappstein, of South Australia’s Clare Valley have had a go, and even managed to bring a slight vino-edge to their Reserve Lager.

It’s a lager based on how it was brewed, but for me this nudges the summer ale style with its sweet, fruity flavours, setting itself apart from other lagers on the market. Its wheaty malt, apple, grape and citrus aromas flow into a sweet tasting liquid with apple tartness, with a hint of oak and gentle bitterness to wash it all down. Knappstein have also brought the “sparkling” to this lager, with an abundance of carbonation leaving it not the smoothest feeling beer on the tongue, instead jumping around like it’s cutting shapes on a dancefloor.

This is a nice tangent on the lager style compared to the mainstream lagers in existence. A decent beer that’s perfectly sessionable, with a wine vibe which will please those of the other alcoholic liquid loving spectrum.

Drunk: from the bottle


Knappstein – Reserve Lager

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