Stone & Wood – Pacific Ale

Multi-award winner and incumbent #2 in the Local Taphouse’s Hottest 100 – there isn’t too much more to be said about this beer which hasn’t already been said. Based out of relaxation-central Byron Bay, Stone & Wood have developed an awesome reputation almost solely on the back of their Pacific Ale. And when it’s as good as it is, it’s easy to see why.

It pours a bright fizzy yellow, and gives off the Galaxy hop driven aromas of passionfruit, lemon and grapefruit. Passionfruit, citrus and wheat come through in what is a light, refreshing and dangerously sessionable ale. It hardly even tastes alcoholic, and at only 1.1 standard drinks to a stubby, it’s easy to knock a handful of these back before feeling the effects. It’s a bit watery in the mouth, but that, combined with the sweet taste, is what makes it so easy to slurp down.

This was beer number two on my Advent calendar, and it’s a shame the weather hasn’t suited the two beers served up thus far – hot sunny days would suit a wheat beer and summer ale more that the thunderstorms we’ve been experiencing in Sydney-town. But poor weather can’t keep a good beer down. Pacific Ale is a refreshing drop, clean and crisp in its taste that has received plenty of plaudits, becoming an icon of the craft beer industry in Australia, a status it thoroughly deserves.

Drunk: from the bottle

pacific ale

Stone & Wood – Pacific Ale

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