Burleigh Brewing Co – Fig Jam IPA

A seed was planted in my head – do a review without having any idea what the beer is. Not being one to shirk a challenge, and with the helpful circumstance of my Advent calendar beers being wrapped individually, I decided to have a crack with beer number 9.


It’s hard to do it justice out of the stubby, but there’s definitely some citrus and grain scents flowing around (probably an IPA), as well as the smell from the paper bag which was choking the neck of the bottle. Resiny pine tastes and some grass flavours came through on the tongue, as well as a big wave of alcoholic flavours in the aftertaste. I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the alcoholic flavours, as they seem to stifle the flavours and bitterness of what I think is an IPA. I poured it into a glass, which presented with a dark amber liquid, some light carbonation and a pretty light on head.


So with anticipation in the air matching the seconds before the announcement of the Logie for Most Popular Lifestyle Program, and having run the rule over this beer – I’m certain it’s an IPA – I readied for the grand reveal. I uncovered the beer from it’s brown paper blanket to uncover Burleigh Brewing Co’s Fig Jam IPA to mass applause.

I don’t think the 7% ABV does it any favours – dropping it down to 6% might let the flavours sing through more than they currently do. “A heavyweight that’s light on its feet” is the description which adorns the label, and it’s a fair shout – it’s a strong tasting beer, with some refreshing flavours coming to the fore.

Drunk: from the bottle


Burleigh Brewing Co – Fig Jam IPA

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