BrewCult – Outta Sight White IPA

IPA’s have boomed, and with that has come a number of different takes on the style – black, rye, imperial brown, double, quad, and this post’s subject, white. Outta Sight White IPA to be exact, brewed by gypsy brewers Brewcult from Melbourne, of the retro label.

First thing’s first – the beer isn’t white or even creamy, so drop any grand allusions of an alcoholic milkshake. It’s a light amber colour, cloudy, and with a thick white head. Big IPA scents of passion fruit, orange, grass and grain meet the nose. Outta Sight is an awesome tasting beer, with resin, leafy, and grass, and spice flavours meeting the tongue, along with a massive amount of bitterness (three types of hops will do that).

Brewcult have done it again – this is a fantastic beer. It’s brilliantly balanced and packed full with massive flavours, and it will suit those who like their beer bitter. I will certainly be searching out this one again (or any of their range for that matter, they’re getting quite an impressive reputation for mine), so I hope it doesn’t go too far out of my sight any soon (pun intended).

Drunk: from the bottle
Outta sight
BrewCult – Outta Sight White IPA

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