Feral Brewing Co – Sly Fox

By naming a beer Sly Fox, Feral Brewing have ensured there’s an air of mystique around there summer ale. “What makes it sly?”, “Is it dainty and fast over a short distance?”, “Should I drink it with lamb?” are all questions Feral poses the consumer. Questions abound, but it’s a good beer nonetheless.

This beer has summer written all over it. It pours a bright yellow, with loads of carbonation and no head (very cider-esque). Sweet scents of honey, apricot and orange are picked up, before rolling into a hop forward fruity taste, with the malts giving off some sweetness. My only criticism of Sly Fox is that it’s way too carbonated, which leads to an uncomfortable feeling when the beer sits on the tongue.

Bubbles aside, Feral have maintained there reputation of being the biggest oxymoron in the brewing industry, producing this very sessionable, and well, non-feral, summer ale. To its name, this drop could well be a sly fox on a hot afternoon, creeping up on you with its ease of drinking. Smooth and light, this will please those who prefer a lighter tasting beer as the warmer months approach.


Drunk: from the bottle

sly fox

Feral Brewing Co – Sly Fox

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