Kaiju! Beer – Hopped Out Red Ale

Previously known as Monster Mash (the Japanese translation for ‘strange creature’), the brewers had to adopt a new name after the energy drink maker decided that two liquids with a similar ‘Monster’ name couldn’t co-exist. This setback didn’t stop them brewing big delicious beers though. They now have a small portfolio of funky beers, each with their own funky little monster on the label.

If ever there was an example of calling a spade a spade, then Hopped Out Red is just that. Dark red, almost maroon in colour and incredibly cloudy to the point of being translucent, a variety of flavours greet the nose – toasted pine and wood, a hint of coffee, musky oak, and something tropical also. Resin and wood tastes are picked up in the mouth, before washing down with a massive wave of bitterness, which completely overwhelms the flavours. It’s thick and chewy on the tongue to finish off this incredibly rich-tasting beer.

If you can get through the massive amount of hoppy bitterness, this is a fabulous, rich tasting beer. It’s not sessionable by any means, but one or two of these would go down very tidily. Monstrous in name, taste and label, I’m very keen to get my hands on the rest of their selection (I’ve had a quick taster of their double IPA, and it was hairs-on-your-chest kind of stuff weighing in at 9% ABV).

Drunk: from the bottle


Kaiju! Beer – Hopped Out Red Ale

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