Illawarra Brewing Co – Apocalypso

The Illawarra Brewing Co have set up shop on Montague St in North Wollongong, an industrial road which doesn’t scream craft beer (Campus East residents will recognise Montague Street as the boozy walk home from an afternoon-turned-evening at the North Gong Hotel, having revelled in a session of the now extinct “Toss the boss”). But if ever there was an example of not judging something on where it’s come from, then their seasonal American IPA, Apocalypso, is just that.

True to style, hops are the big ingredient in this IPA, which pours a bright orange colour. The smell is awesome, with huge scents of pineapple, passion fruit, wood and pine coming through. The taste is brilliant also. Herbal, earthy, and some citrus tastes come through in a balanced fashion, with a strong but not overpowering bitterness. Perhaps my only criticism is that it sits a bit watery on the tongue, but it’s only minor in the grand scheme of things.

If the actual apocalypse (zombie or otherwise) ever arrives, I’d like to have this beer with me to keep me hydrated. It’s a great example of a refreshing IPA from the Illawarra region’s only brewery, oozing with tropical scents and flavours which maintains a perfect balance throughout.

Drunk: off tap

Illawarra Brewing Co – Apocalypso

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