Sail & Anchor – Boa’s Bind

Sail & Anchor has garnered a reputation as no longer being a craft brewer since being owned by Australia’s fresh food people. However, they are arguably the godfather of craft beer in Australia having previously been Australia’s first boutique pub brewery, before being bought out by the supermarket giant in 2012. The interestingly named Boa’s Bind is the amber ale in their catalogue, and not a bad little drop at that.

As its name suggests, Boa’s bind is amber in colour, and pours with a creamy head. It has a sweet smell, with earthy hops the main scent supported by some citrus. Some well balanced flavours are picked up in the mouth – pine in the main, but it’s backed up by citrus hops and toffee malts. Some resinous tastes are also picked up, which leads to a slightly sticky feel I’m the mouth, but overall it’s very smooth and has limited carbonation to speak of.

Boa constrictors may not be the most sweet and cuddly of creature, but this beer is in complete contrast – it’s very sessionable and approachable, probably sitting more towards the English ale style then amber. So next time you’re in BWS, don’t let the label put you off. It’s not burgeoning with a mixture of alternative flavours or ingredients, but it does tick the ‘decent ale’ box.

Drunk: from the bottle


boas bind

Sail & Anchor – Boa’s Bind

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