Shenanigans Brewing Co – Flight Path

Some beers are meant for summer – golden ales, lagers, and pale ales to mention a few. Other beers are meant for winter. Shenanigans’ Flight Path, a brown ale, is a perfect example of a winter brew, dark, warming and thick to slurp down.

I settled down at the Local Taphouse (craft beer heaven if ever I’ve seen one) on a winter’s evening and ordered a pint of the black stuff. Flight Path pours a dark brown with a creamy head and aromas of cookie dough, coffee and chocolate. A smooth taste greets the mouth, with a big smack of coffee flavours and gentle bitterness, finishing off with some dry earthy hops. The coffee taste is a giveaway when looking further into how this beer came about – it was created using coffee beans from a coffee shop down the road from where it was brewed. It’s flat and a bit chewy on the tongue in suiting the brown ale style.

The logic behind calling a beer Flight Path? I’d say it has something to do with being brewed out of Batch Brewing Co’s HQ, which is directly underneath the flight path of many planes arriving into Sydney from a north westerly trajectory (a vantage point Daryl Kerrigan would admire). Regardless of where it’s conceived, this is a delicious brown ale. It’s smooth and has great flavours, not bad considering Shenanigans is only in its infancy (their other beer, Winston, is a good drop also).

Drunk: off tap


flight path

Shenanigans Brewing Co – Flight Path

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