Mountain Goat – Steam Ale

It’s a well known fact that beer is good for you. But healthy, maybe not so much. Mountain Goat Beer from Melbourne though, have gone some way to putting the health back into beer with their Steam Ale. It’s a beer that is a “certified organic steam ale” (whatever that means), and has all the labelling from organic authorities to prove this claim.

Light yellow and bubbly in appearance, the Steam Ale pours like a cider into the glass. Some subtle woody and leafy aromas can be picked up, before it washes down into a wheaty taste with some citrus flavours. It lacks bitterness which I prefer in a beer, and is light and bubbly in the mouth (unsurprisingly given its appearance).

Are things getting steamy with this beer? For me, not quite. It’s a light and refreshing summer drinking beer for sure, but not one to get warm and cosy with on a cold Winter’s night. Organic may be one thing and the health nerds will be rejoicing, but it doesn’t have big wholesome flavours and bitterness. In any case, cheers to good health!

Drunk: from the bottle

steam ale

Mountain Goat – Steam Ale

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