Holgate Brewhouse – Nut Brown Ale

In commemoration of their 10th anniversary brewing, Holgate Brewhouse came up with a modern twist on the English brown ale. They’ve managed to combine a pub snack – nuts – into the beer, and used every ounce of their imagination in naming it Nut Brown Ale.

When poured into a glass, it’s like that flat glass of coke on a hot day you don’t want to drink – uninviting, dark brown (almost black), flat, and very minimal head. Thankfully, things pick up from here. Nutty, roasted coffee scents are picked up on the nose. Big malty tastes then come through – think macadamia (my palate for nuts is not as developed, as I had this down as almond), smokey tastes, with a light bitterness. It’s surprisingly light and watery on the tongue for a darker beer. There’s no fizz, but it’s brewed this way in sticking to its English roots.

It’s a shame that Holgate have relegated this to their back catalogue. Darker beers aren’t usually my favourite, but this is up there. It goes down very smoothly, and tastes delicious for an ale that isn’t all that nice on the eye.

Drunk: from the bottle


Holgate Brewhouse – Nut Brown Ale

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