Pixel Brewing – 480p

It’s always good to try beer from a new brewery. You can be sure they’re doing their utmost to produce a good drop in order to gain a share of the beer market which has become increasingly saturated over the past few years. Therefore, I jumped at the opportunity to try gypsy brewery (they currently brew using other breweries’ facilities in lieu of having their own place) Pixel Brewing Co’s only beer, 480p American pale ale. I settled down at the bar (with a couple of candles to add to the mood), wondering if this was going to be a hit, or a miss. It’s a hit. Served in a schooner, 480p poured cloudy and dark orange in colour, with a strange looking head of lots of larger separated bubbles. Really good floral aromas with some citrus and spices were picked up, before moving down to a floral taste with a hint of orange, a malty backbone and strong bitterness. 480p’s only flaw is that it’s very flat, but that doesn’t kill this beer at all. The IT folk among us will recognise that 480 isn’t an IT number, but that’s also a tip of the hat to the brewer’s failed career in this industry. Based on this beer though, their career as a brewer won’t be a failure. They’ve produced a really well-balanced beer to kick things off, and the sooner they can get their own facility, the better and more diverse their produce will be.

Drunk: off tap


Pixel Brewing – 480p

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