Coldstream – Crisp Pale Ale

If a brewer describes a beer as cold and crisp, then it’s gotta be a good one to settle in with on a warm afternoon. The Crisp Pale Ale it was then, produced by Coldstream Brewery (an unknown quantity to me), who are based in Melbourne’s outskirts.

The smell has loads of potential – sweet aromas of citrus and passion fruit could be found. Unfortunately, the rest of the beer doesn’t back this up. It’s amber in colour with a high level of carbonation, and a head that dissipates quickly. It tastes slightly citrusy before a wave of bitterness comes through, but it doesn’t quite have the flavour of most other pale ales in the market. In the mouth it is disappointingly watery and flat on the tongue.

I’m happy to give it a pass mark as it’s not a bad drop, but unfortunately it doesn’t live up to its really good aroma. In my opinion, Coldstream could place some more emphasis on the hops which would bring it up to the level of other pale ales, a market area which has become very competitive. That said, it’s got easy drinking summer beer written all over it.

Drunk: from the bottle


Coldstream – Crisp Pale Ale

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