Holgate Brewhouse – Road Trip American IPA

Holgate Brewhouse have emerged as one of the big players in the Australian craft beer industry, bringing with them a diverse range of interestingly named brews. Their Road Trip American IPA was released in 2009, and while its name may not endear itself to our law enforcement authorities in their fight against drink driving, can it endear itself to drinkers?

It pours into the glass invitingly – a nice amber colour with a slightly off white head, which dissipates slowly to leave some lacing on the inside if the glass. Citrus, stone fruits, and roasted woody aromas are picked up by the nose. A strong bitter taste comes through of pines along with some hoppy citrus notes. It feels nice on the tongue, maybe a fraction watery, but with a good level of carbonation.

Road Trip certainly endears itself to me, but I can’t say it’s one of my favourite IPA’s. The flavours were great, but I don’t think they’ve quite nailed their balance – at times I felt the flavours were over-powering, and didn’t seem to flow into one another very well. Nonetheless, a decent brew which I would be more than happy to have again.

Drunk: from the bottle


Holgate Brewhouse – Road Trip American IPA

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