Batch Brewing Co – WheaTtea

In a warehouse in the industrial area of Marrickville, a new microbrewery has emerged, named Batch Brewing Co. They’ve got an evolving line-up of slightly experimental beers, but their WheaTtea was one that caught my eye.

In keeping with the Inner West’s hipster image, the beer is served into a glass jar. It’s cloudy and amber in colour, with a head that slowly dissipates and leaves some lacing. Unsurprisingly, it smells exactly like a tea shop – they’ve infused this with some tea from Ttotaler, a tea shop not far from their brewery. A combination of floral, fruity, and caramel scents can also be picked up. It’s taste is brilliant – rich caramel and floral flavours come to the fore, along with some lashings of lemon. WheaTtea has a light bitterness to it and is soft on the tongue, and very smooth to swallow.

Like milk from the cow’s teat, this was as fresh as a beer can get – from the kettle to the bar is a little over ten metres. Overall it’s a great brew, very well balanced and unique. My only criticism would be that it couldn’t be a session beer – it’s far too rich in flavour to drink all arvo, but one or two would go nicely with a roast dinner. They’re only small at the moment, but I look forward to Batch Brewing getting some increased exposure in the near future.

Drunk: off tap


Batch Brewing Co – WheaTtea

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