Brewcult – Supa Fly Rye IPA

Psychedelic and heavy – both genres of rock music, and both words which can be used to describe Brew Cult’s Supa Fly Rye IPA. It’s a top notch beer bursting with flavours, but I don’t think it will suit everyone.

Why psychedelic? Check out the bottle – you’re more likely to see this in a documentary describing the roaring ’60s. It goes against the grain of the traditionally macho image of beer, but it’s not a bad change.

The beer pours into the glass a light brown colour, cloudy and with a load of sediment (the unfiltered nature of the beer is also a hint towards the hippie/psychedelic theme). Leafy scents with a hint of orange are picked up on the nose. On the tongue it is a mulchy taste with a small amount of carbonation, which leads into a booming bitterness on the way down, full of mulchy hop flavours. It has a heavy vibe all the way throughout the beer – it’s bitterness caps this off, and it also comes in on the strong side of the coin at 6%, straight from the long neck.

Supa Fly won’t suit those who prefer lighter tasting beers, but that just means there’s more for the rest of us to enjoy. Packed full of flavours and a big dose of bitterness, it’s a super beer!

Drunk: from the bottle

Supa fly

Brewcult – Supa Fly Rye IPA

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