Riverside Brewing Co – Thirty Three Golden Ale

A new brewer has emerged on the banks of the Parramatta River in western Sydney, aptly called Riverside Brewing Co. They’ve quickly developed a strong reputation over their short existence on the back of their range of six beers. One of these is their Thirty Three Golden Ale (all their beers are identified with a different number), a favourite type of beer of mine so I had a look at how it measured up.

The first thing that grabs the attention is the artwork on the bottle – a drawing of a nude Statue of David-esque lady holding a vase adorns the label (the artwork on each of the beers is something to be admired itself). The beer pours as a nice amber colour, with rich scents of orange and passion fruit. On the tongue it transcends into a bitter, orange hoppy taste with a high level of carbonation, before washing down with good dose of hoppy bitterness. It’s a great beer, and has summer written all over it – clean, refreshing, and light to drink.

However it’s the level of carbonation which I take issue with. It’s comparable to a soft drink, and unfortunately takes away from the terrific flavours by delivering a slightly “rasping” feeling when you swallow, which smothers the flavours. I hope this is something to do with being bottled and would be happy to stand corrected, but it took away from the beer for me.

Would I get it again? Yes – from a flavour perspective, Riverside Brewing Co have delivered a great brew. It’s just unfortunate that the fizziness lets this golden ale down from being the complete package.

Drunk from: the bottle

33 golden ale

Riverside Brewing Co – Thirty Three Golden Ale

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