White Rabbit Brewery – White Ale

One thing that rabbits and beer have in common is that they were both introduced to Australia by the British on the convict ships of yesteryear, before disembarking onto our shores and going their separate ways. With good reason, they have not been re-united since (rabbits are enough of a pest without having a dozen under their belts). However, the good folk at Little Creatures, who own the White Rabbit label, have decided to bring the two together again to produce White Rabbit White Ale, a great tipple.

The beer pours into the glass with a cloudy, light golden colour (not white as the name might lead you to believe. If you see a white beer than you’re probably drunk and it’s actually a glass of milk). On the nose it has a deep citrus scent, and moving onto the tongue it is nice and gentle, with mulchy flavours and almost a slightly “thick” feel to it. When you swallow there is a spicy hoppy taste, but my only criticism is that it could do with a fraction more bitterness. This apart, the brewers have nailed it to provide the drinker with a great experience from start to finish.

The other negative to the White Ale is its price – coming in at about $20 for a six pack it’s at the expensive end of the scale, especially considering it is frequently seen in mainstream bottleshops. The negatives aside, it doesn’t matter if your opinion of rabbits it a cute fluffy pet or serial pest, this beer is a winner.
Drunk: from the bottle
White Rabbit Brewery – White Ale

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