Hawthorn Brewing Co – Premium Pale Ale

Hawthorn – suburb in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, reigning AFL premiers, and home to a very decent pale ale. I hadn’t previously heard of this brewery, so plucking a six-pack from the fridge on the advice of the shop attendant was a bit of a risk. This could have back-fired, but I was rewarded in this instance.

The Hawthorn Brewing Co create high expectations for this beer. Not only do they call it a “premium” pale ale, but they also describe themselves as the flavour merchants. Big calls, but they’re entirely justified – this is a brilliant beer! I wasn’t entirely convinced after the first taste, but by the end of the beer I certainly was. It has a very sweet smell for a beer – orange and marmalade scents come to mind. It is a big departure from the smell as it enters the mouth – it has a medium bitterness and isn’t too fizzy. After all this though the aftertaste is it’s crowning glory – a good dose of bitterness, and packed full with strong, spicy flavours. The whole way through, this beer is just so smooth, goes down very easily, and yes, is full of flavour.

While I was prepared to pass them off as big-noting brewers, I was more than happy to stand corrected, as this is without a doubt one of my best finds of last year. I’m not the only one who thinks so – it was recently voted in at number 30 in an Australian craft beer poll of 2013. The icing on the cake was discovering that they have another four beers to try out, which is an exciting prospect if they’re as faultless as this. A highly recommended brew from yours truly!

Drunk from: the bottle

Hawthorn Brewing Co – Premium Pale Ale

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