Saranac – Pumpkin Ale

I’m not the biggest fan of pumpkins – a couple of pumpkins in a roast is great, but I’m not one for pumpkin soup. So when a mate, who’d recently returned from a trip to the states recommended a pumpkin ale, I was a little hesitant. I’m all for trying new things, so Saranac’s pumpkin ale was chosen as our drink of choice.

My first question was how did pumpkin ale come to pass? Maybe some lads were sitting around with the pulp from their Halloween-carved pumpkins and thought “Hey I know, let’s ferment this and make a beer”. Or maybe Aunt Betty’s tried to make a juice for the kids, and ended up with something that’s put them to sleep. Either way, it’s an interesting concoction.

Apologies in advance for those who love pumpkin ale, as this beer didn’t taste anything of the like. Maybe it was jetlag – the beer had been made in the states and shipped over rather than brewed here under an American label. The beer smelt slightly fruity, a little like a pale ale, but in the mouth the taste was pretty average, and nothing like pumpkin. The aftertaste was nice and bitter and certainly a step up, but still – no pumpkin!

I’m happy to give a pumpkin ale another crack, as I don’t think this was a true indication of their taste. But if I’m to make an assessment on the basis of this beer, it gets a pass mark (just), and a message to consumers- don’t expect it to taste like pumpkin.

Drunk: from the bottle

Saranac – Pumpkin Ale

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