The Rocks Brewing Co: Governor

Since discovering Harts Pub a couple of years ago, it has quickly become one of my favourite pubs in Sydney. English charm and a relaxed atmosphere, it is home to the Rocks Brewing Company, which produces the Governor.

The name ‘Governor’ gives the impression that this beer should be of the wife beater variety with an alcoholic content around 10%. Not so. Instead, this golden ale is very fruity, with a distinct lack of fizz helping it go down very easily.

Criticisms? Maybe just a small one. It could do with a fraction more bitterness. That said, this may well reduce the light, fruity taste which makes this beer so good.

Overall this is a brilliant beer, and it’s fruitiness will appeal to the hordes. Fortunately the brewer has only just began dabbling in bottling their beer, so it’s yet to have mass appeal from the public which has meant the beer has been able to keep its taste and not be corrupted by practices which go towards producing the beer en masse. Let’s hope it can stay this way.

Drunk: Off tap

The Rocks Brewing Co: Governor

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